Edited out of an email, because I thought it wasn't necessary or appropriate and Chloe doesn't have a hamster. (Or: my answer to how my "blog life" is going)


My blog life.

Someone introduced me to the concept of "braided essays" recently (have you heard of those?), and I was like, "OoooOoooOooo... maybe I could do a blog post that's a braided essay." But there's a more persuasive part of me that's like, "I'm tired. It's unfairly hot. And I have homework I'm not doing because I'm tired and it's unfairly hot." Except it doesn't articulate its thoughts quite that clearly. It's on auto-pilot most of the time, e.g. I haven't thought a damn thing between the front door and the void into which I idly putz away my afternoons/evenings/mornings.

No, this habitual line of action is not serving me in positive and life-giving ways, I don't think. Alas, it prevails. Because... tired and unfairly hot.

Besides, if I did break down and actually allow myself to write a blogpost, I'm afraid it would turn out to be one of those meta-y blogposts where I'd write about how I've been meaning to write for my blog but life gets busy and la la la... one meta-blogging-occurrence happens after another like a pile-up on route guano and the whole site becomes some meta-blogging tragedy where nothing of substance is written.

Anyhizzle, I'd love to continue on that bunny trail, but I'm tired and it's unfairly hot. So... when the going get tough, the tough make lemonade, oui?

Glad to hear your hamster's still alive!

P.S.  Get a load of these nuns:


  1. This phrase:
    "When the going get tough, the tough make lemonade, oui?"
    Can I steal this phrase?
    And use it?

    1. Use it! Use it!

      I got it from "Josie and the Pussycats" (the movie, not the comic book).