emo waffles

This isn’t really an emo waffle, it’s a Tahoe Waffle. Although the pictured waffle is bleeding blackberry syrup, I’d recommend them with maple instead. The maple just tastes better. I probably came to this conclusion because this waffle recipe is more savory than the one I’m used to (a plus IMO!) and the maple makes a better complement than the blackberry. Real live fresh blackberries* (versus blackberries in syrup-from) would probably be a delicious accompaniment.

To make up for all the emo these waffles are not, here’s Amanda Palmer covering a Death Cab for Cutie that’s so emo, it might render you so sad that you’ll be moved to self-medicate by binge-eating a double batch of Tahoe Waffles:

* Berries as black as your black, broken heart. </3

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